Dating with acne scars

By johndear , May 16, in Emotional and psychological effects of acne. So I tried online dating recently and met a couple people who were interested in meeting me in person. Of course, I only posted my best pictures so they didn't know I had moderate-severe acne scar. When I met them in person, they didn't look too surprised but as the date progressed, I could sense that they wanted to finish dinner and leave. And when I called the next day to follow up, they ignored my calls. The funny thing is that before the date, we exchanged emails and phone calls constantly.

Once they did, and saw my scars, they probably got really disappointed. I did everything to prepare for these dates, too.

I dressed very nicely, bought them a flower, and paid for the dinner. The conversations were great, and I avoided talking about myself too much.

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So I feel like I did everything right on my part The more I meet people, I feel like they are rejecting me because of my scars. It's severe enough that even laser treatment wouldn't completely get rid of them.

Dating with acne scars r

Regardless of the scars, I am starting to hate everyone for being so superficial. If they like talking to me, why can't they accept how I look? I am feeling so rejected and frustrated right now. I have no idea what to do anymore. Any advice would be deeply appreciated. You sound very sweet! I know it feels good to put your best pic out there, I do on the forums, but when it comes to dating, and meeting new people in person, maybe you should put a current picture of yourself, and meet people who love how you look with your scarring And when you meet them in person, they see the you that they saw in the pictures.

Thanx for your feedback. I did try putting pictures up a long time ago that showed my scars and had no luck meeting people. Oh well, maybe I am just butt ugly regardless of the scars lol? This is probably my last try.

After that, I'll go outside more often or volunteer on the weekends. I guess my problem is that I don't know where to go to meet people. I tried the bar scene but I felt like I didnt belong there. I wish you guys were around! I met my One online But you know what? With the right person, they will like you no matter what My brother, how about you just all together stop worrying about finding a companion?

Just go out there and have fun and it will happen when you least expect it.. Yea, I am just gonna go out and be myself. The more I look for someone, the harder it gets. It's just really hard mentally to be patient. I go out on the weekends and notice couples shopping, eating, driving around together, etc. And I am all alone in my car going to drive thru. I notice these things more and more and it really bothers me.

I guess we all need that companionship and acne scar is preventing us from having it. It might not be the sole reason that prevents us from having a relationship, but definitely plays a role. And some people consider it a bigger problem than others.

Dating with acne scars

At least we know that the skin is the last thing we worry about on other people. I just wish people "out there" had the same mindset. What if there wasn't a connection? You said they didn't look too surprised. In my opinion, talking on the phone and talking in person is totally different. Maybe she had second thoughts about what she wanted, and for whatever reason, that didn't involve you. It's nothing to be ashamed about.

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Sorry, but did you think dating was easy? Of course you did everything right. There will be a woman that thinks you're great. You won't meet her unless you keep taking chances. By the way, do you have any guy friends you can go to the club with? Having support helps ease the pressure. I'm not sure what you're looking for in a woman, but a women with the qualities you're looking for can be found anywhere. Quiet confidence is what you should have. Presence isn't such a bad thing. I have a friend on another message board who is pretty popular there, and she was accused by a user she met in real life of photoshopping acne out of her pics.

Understandably her response was, "I'm not going to put pictures on myspace where I just woke up unshowered looking like shit.

I had to laugh for a few about the words acne and online dating being in the same sentence. Honestly, people are complicated creatures and dating is one of the most complicated albiet one of the most rewarding parts of life. I don't 'date' in the traditional sense. I'm only interested in a relationship, and well, I'm a peculiar egg, that's for sure. I know I had acne, and still have it to an extent, but I have never cast aside someone because of acne, or found someone unattractive.

Acne Scar and Online Dating - Emotional and psychological effects of acne -

The qualities I find attractive don't age. Yes, physical attractiveness has to be there, but just mutually, doesn't mean you need a supermodel or that you yourself need to be a Calvin Klein underwear model. If you want to find that person, you will. Just have patience and faith that it will happen.

Keep actively searching, you'll come upon her when you least expect it. Well, I have another date next week with someone new. She hasn't seen my "bad" photos yet. Maybe I should just tell her that i'm butt ugly in person?! That way, she won't have too much expectations to begin with. But that kinda shows that Im not confident with myself, so I don't wanna do that either. Over your happy mum and had a person very nasty click here or not a.

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