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Lee taemin of k-pop idol group shinee, is like visual candy you never know what his hair or outfit will look like next he is the definition of a k-pop chameleon. Shinee's taemin opened up about his dating experience on the august 26th episode they the agency will then choose to lee young ja's sincere advice for getting.

Dating agency cyrano taemin lee tae-min born july 18, , better known dating agency cyrano eng sub by the mononym taemin, is a south korean singer and actorhe dating agency cyrano taemin debuted as a vocalist dating agency cyrano ep 8 of the group shinee in.

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Taemin plays an idol who needs help realizing his crush one of the most anticipated and entertaining parts of the new drama dating agency: Download dating agency cyrano sub indo info drama: Taemin eating cutely gif. Taemin's lips and toungue. Hot Blonde Taemin - Danger. Blonde Hair Taemin Taemin Ace Album Foto.

Taemin and his brother Taesun. Taemin's abs and blonde hair. Taemin as the Undertaker from Kuroshitsuji a. Taemin and Jonghyun Hug Gif.

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Taemin the SAEM Blonde Hair Taemin Gif. Star News via Nate 1. Reminds me of his 'Pride' days when he was really handsome.

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I really liked his voice there. I know getting older has a lot to do with it but he's also a huge surfer and took regular hits of the sun since he was younger.

Let's all put on sunscreen, guys. It's totally normal to look like him at his age. Not everyone gets botox and plastic surgery. Getting older is natural but not all at once like this That's why some people say it's all the sun exposure. Sad to see him like this because he's the only Japanese actor that I really like.

He didn't take care of himself at all.

It seems like he's just leaving his looks to natural aging without interfering with botox or fillers. Most Korean celebrities who are still taut at his age have all gotten some type of procedure done. You can never have a face like that naturally. Kimura Takuya's actually the natural one. He's always been a huge fan of surfing and fishing and got sun tanned a lot regularly. The Japanese aren't as scared of aging and don't rush to plastic surgery.

Knowing Takuya's type of personality, he definitely isn't the type to get anything done. Friday, January 18, Actress Kim Bora shows a contrasting lifestyle to her drama character. Yoo Seung Jun releases a new album and begs for another chance in Korea.

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GO and Choi Ye Seul announce they will be moving in together with consent from their parents. Ha Yeon Soo denies getting her jaw shaved. Netizens concerned with Kimura Takuya's sudden aging. Popular Tags Blog Archives.